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Special message to the allied.

For United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and other Countries which liberated most of Western europe from the German Nazism and totarilarisme.

Often the only appreciation these Countries receive for helping liberating other countries from totarialisme, are criticism from the Press, Politicians, Lobbies and People. That, we in Solidaritet think are wrong and ungrateful. As a consequents we intend to work for mobilizing voters and to elect political influences to go up against this outrages criticism of you as our allied.

Please, do not let them offend the sons you have lost, and the sacrifices that you have suffered, in the process of making this world a better place
We would greatly appreciate any economic contribution to help us in our effort to create the much needed support and in order to honor your contribution to the world peace, as we experienced in the 1940 ties and for your continually support to create a world of freedom of speech and democracy.

Please send your economic contribution to:
Transfer Fund:
IBAN: DK4790464572182881
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9046 73899074892