Explaining Nazism
Political questions



Political questions

The approach to all the political questions is the Western ideology as a starting point. I.e., anti-totalitarian, anti-communist and anti-Nazist.

Health sector:
Here people will be treated according to their diagnosis and their number in the row and this is without having to take the financial situation into consideration.
The best doctors are available for the entire population. People should not be forced into having to choose, but always be offered only the best. There should be no need for people to insure themselves or the employees by signing up for various health insurances.
Dental visits and treatments should be free for everyone no user charge.

All people receiving social benefits should maintain the right to social benefits whether or not they are active in seeking a new job.
We have to accept that some people are born in a time where they do not fit into labour market, but they should be treated properly and should therefore under no circumstances have taken away their rights to social benefits. They should have the opportunity to say no to offers regarding job training without this resulting in financial consequences since it is a violation of the single individual's freedom if a person should be forced to participate in job training. This should therefore result in the fact that people will keep their social benefits once you have earned the right once and for all, and once you have earned it, it should not be possible to take it away again unless you reject an ordinary job. This does not include activational projects or the like. Nor should it be possible to have taken away the right to social benefits if you are not seeking any job.
It is violating for people to be forced into having to look for a job in order to maintain one's social benefits. When looking for a job with force as motive, it is a waste of time, not only for those looking for a job, but also for the company that has to use resources on the application. These resources are better spent increasing sales and thereby strengthening profits for the welfare society.

Older people's sector:
There should be no self-payment for stays in older people's homes, the entire pension should go to the single individual. There should always be staff present for walks, taking rides by car or various trips or excursions. All older people's homes should be run according to the same principles as manager Thyra Frank has introduced at the older people's home Lotte, Frederiksberg. The food they are offered and served in the older people's homes should be organic.

High and medium rate tax should be maintained. High tax on work should be maintained. If high and medium rate taxes were to be removed, it would result in the rich part of the population buying up real property and thereby cause an increasing demand and as a result of this, there would be an increase in prices on the housing market.
People with and average income would experience more difficulty in buying real property and thereby be kept away from this market. If high rate taxes were to be removed, it would only widen the gap between rich and poor.
This would increase the risk of achieving American conditions with e.g., the use of cocaine. Cocaine makes a person able to work longer and have a reduced need for sleep. Those who take cocaine to be able to work longer, will die earlier in many cases, maybe even before their children have grown into adults.
It would also have a great affect on the next generation of children that are being born. Since they risk being let down by their parents who have to work for many hours in stead of spending time with their children. It would have a negative effect on calmness and harmony in the homes. So in order to avoid this, it is necessary to maintain high rate tax.

Labour market:
All wage earners should be able to have their salary paid out in cash. This also applies to pension and social benefits. The reason for this is that it should be free for every individual to choose whether they should be connected to a financial institution.

We need to have white beaches and no black sand as a consequence of pollution. In order to prevent this we will have to have submarines patrolling, if necessary, so no oil spill will occur on Danish beaches, if no other technical solutions proves to be working.
No pollution of Danish waters will under no circumstances be tolerated.
With regards to the ground water, all pollution is unacceptable and it should be prevented at any price.

The Danish population should not accept queues and thereby wasted time. When experiencing queues there is extra emission of benzene which is harmful to all of us. Children are for example being taken hostages in the cars when queuing up since they are exposed to benzene emission. Benzene can damage the immune system, cause damage on bone marrow and can also be cancer causing. That queues do not take place due to an insufficient road network is in the hands of the road directorate. Therefore, a massive extension of the road network has to take place immediately to avoid any queues. A queue is only acceptable in connection with accidents. The rush hour or tourists are no excuse for having queues, the road network should therefore be able to absorb peak load.
There have to be cycle paths along side all roads except on motorways. There should be more parking places and these should be free and one should not have to use a P-skive (a Danish car devise which is in the car, informing about when the car has been parked).

Before having finished schooling everyone should be better at:
- handeling his/her own finances, without a financial advisor or auditor
- Buying real property without a real property agent
- Having a larger knowledge of law so there will be fewer conflicts.
Everyone should be familiar with concepts such as freedom of speech, democracy, totalitarian regimes and the impact of the Cold War on Eastern Europe.
There should be put an end to bullying and focus has to be put on environment which is a great part of children's life. The most effective tools have to be accessible for the teachers since they are the ones being closest to the children. Stress and pressure should be minimized and therefore, the number of tests and examinations should be as low as possible. If the students have to be pressured and stressed in order for our society to survive against international competition it is simply too high a price to pay. We have to prioritise people higher than a high position on the international financial ranking list.

Scientific work:
Massive support to scientific work within synthetic fuel that does not pollute neither when consuming nor producing should be given. This knowledge and production would also be able to help our allied to become independent of oil from the Middle East.

Corporate world:
It is the small and middle-sized companies that are responsible for the growth and the positive figures on the trade balance in Denmark and therefore, it is important to remove as much as possible of the administrative burden. This is done so that focus can be placed on increasing the sales in stead of spending time on various reports. Here we can for example mention Corporate basic fee, BAC, financial contributions, ATP (Danish labour market supplementary pension), AER etc. to name but a few and various reports and adaptations to SKAT. Furthermore, Solidaritet believes that G-days should be removed so that the employer can avoid wasted resources by having to make calculations on the length and the amount of the work. The employees' sick pay should also not be the responsibility of the employer, but should be fully administrated by the public sector, so that the expenses do not impair the company's ability to compete. Report assignments should be done by the public sector since everyone in society is interested in income giving companies earning as much as possible. The high income is what finances the high welfare that everyone has an interest in maintaining or even increase.
We believe that everyone should support the income giving companies that contribute to trade surplus and that pay for state finances, region and commune finances.

Laws have to be made so they encourage freedom of speech, the single individual's freedom and liberal market economy that is controlled by demand and supply.

As a starting point, Kindergardens and day nurseries should be open 24 hours a day. It should be possible for parents to have working hours which are outside of normal time periods where you can have your child looked after. This also applies to single parents who for example are working night work. This would also result in a more flexible workforce where people would be able to go to work at all hours of the day, and enable families to adapt their everyday life without being dependant on people from outside having to take care of their children. The public sector should, as a rule, make sure that there are caring opportunities 24 hours a day all days of the week and throughout the entire year. The food which is prepared and served in the institutions should be organic. The institutions places should be free.

EU army:
Taking strong distance to the EU army, because the only nations that will be able to exile totalitarian regimes and set up democracy by means of military forces are United States and Great Britain. Therefore, The United States and Great Britain are the cornerstones of the Western defence within NATO's framework.
Here we can mention Srebreniza as an example where the intercontinental army failed by giving the local population the idea that they were protected against Retko Mladic and his army. This had fatal consequences, because when Retko Mladic was getting closer, the intercontinental army could do nothing since it had neither the authority nor the mandate to prevent the massacre that took place in Srebrenizia. Therefore, Solidaritet finds it meaningless with a EU army that just like the Intercontinental army only can provide promises about protection, but cannot meet these promises and thereby only bring more damage than benefit.

Foreign affairs:
As many totalitarian regimes as possible should be stopped if necessary by using military power and thereby stop the torture and the killing of innocent civil populations. Those who are against repression of totalitarian regimes can only be pro torture and killings of civil populations. If anyone claims that it can be illegal to overthrow totalitarian regimes, they would also have to believe that when the United States and Great Britain suppressed the Germans in the 1940'ies it was illegal. The conclusion of a contention like this, is to support totalitarian regimes that tyrannise and kill its' civil population. If everyone believes that the UN Security Council is the one to set laws within military actions, many more civil people would have been tormented and tortured to death, these have after all now been saved.
It is only logical that the UN Security Council cannot fully support overthrowing totalitarian regimes as long as Russia and China have not fully developed its anti-totalitarianism.