Explaining Nazism
Political questions


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For the first time since 1940, you will now have the opportunity to vote for a political party has the highest social profile and the highest environmental profile. Without insulting Holocaust and its victims.

At the same time, we support the values of the Western World to a maximum and we also believe in a strong NATO.

When Denmark was occupied in 1940, the government that back then consisted of S (Social Democratic Party), R (Social Liberal Party) advised to co-operate with the Wehrmacht. S and R had cut down defence to a minimum and this fact together with the policy of neutrality left them with no other choices than surrendering to the Wehrmacht. Another consequence of Denmark's policy of neutrality and weak defence was the German's unimpeded access to Norway and it cannot be ruled out that this was a determining factor in innocent people being imprisoned in the later signed Warsaw-treaty.

The two political parties that co-operated with the German Wehrmacht back then strangely enough still exist today. This we do not only see as being a insult to the victims of Holocaust, the fallen and injured Danish soldiers and freedom fighters, and their families and relatives, but also to the allied, their families and relatives who freed us from the Germans and the countries that they represented. For example 1944's D-day where British, American, Canadian, Australian and others reached the coast of Normandy and where killed in large numbers.

The co-operation that S and R had together with the Wehrmacht did not only include returning German Jewish refugees, but also handing over Danish Jews for internment where they suffered in German concentration camps and where many of them later died.

S and R have also later on signalled that they do not want to take part in the extinction of totalitarian regimes where people are being suppressed, tyranissed, tortured and killed.

Do not support political parties that have carried on such damaging foreign policies.

In stead choose the alternative and vote for Solidaritet.